Client Testimonials

Testimonial: Joe Carballa

Before Chiropractic Care:
"Freight business for 28 years...long life of damaging my body, lifting, etc. One day an injury threatened to destroy my ability to work (and live.) I found Dr Dudzik after a referral from my mom, who always trusted Dr Dudzik as her Chiropractor. I was a grown man on the floor in tears because of the pain. I was also afraid I'd lose my "buck" afraid I'd lose my job over the disability."

During Chiropractic Care:
"I followed the doctor's advice exactly...at home and at his office. My life improved from the first visit. After 6 months of treatment, I could finally see myself able to finish my career and live out the rest of my life without pain."

After My Experience:
"No one else is allowed to "Touch my back!" Dr Bob made me function again and kept me going when no one else could. He is an angel of mercy - honorable, intelligent and trustworthy."

"My little girl was sick all winter with constant sinus infections. Dr. Dudzik explained it was from the spine and not because of the germs. She's now back to normal with no lack of energy and the infections are gone without antibiotics."
"My health has improved dramatically. I can enjoy life! His evaluation coupled with valuable patient education about the condition and how it is related to the spinal column was what I liked the most!"
"Dr. Dudzik's office is wonderful! His entire staff does a great job. Keep up the gentle treatment - it seem to be just right."

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